Question by  clara (25)

What is mechanical weathering?


Answer by  hb (94)

Mechanical weathering is the physical breakdown of rocks by natural processes. There are several forms, including ice wedging and abrasion. In ice wedging, water fills cracks in rocks, freezes, and expands which causes the crack to widen. Abrasion occurs when friction between the rock and surfaces such as water or riverbeds causes the rock to wear down.


Answer by  DRS (621)

Mechanical weather involves the breakdown of soil or rocks by direct contact with the environment. Examples of elements that cause mechanical weathering are heat (sun), cold (ice), pressure and water.


Answer by  gaja (147)

Rocks are subject to two types of weathering; mechanical and chemical. Mechanical weathering processes do not alter the chemical structure of the rock, but will break it down into smaller pieces. Examples include; water thawing and freezing, or salt deposits building up in cracks, thereby expanding them, and simply gravity; constantly pulling rocks making them fall down hills.


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

It involves the breaking down of the rocks due to a kind of pressure exerted by the rock.Its primary method is the alteration in size that the particle would go through and it definitely grow small because of weathering.

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