Question by  lalalalala (28)

What is limp home mode on a Ford F-150?


Answer by  asd (24)

The engine controller sets your engine to the "limp home mode", if an important part (e. g. an oxyen sensor) has recognized of working wrong. Instead of switching the engine completely of, the controller reduces it's power so that you can safely head home.


Answer by  gbonez (86)

limp home mode could mean a reserve tank mode. so of you switch to the back up tank you have just enough fuel to limp home.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well "limp home mode" is basically the same o any car operated with a computer. It is a special mode in witch the engine and sometimes the transmission is put into when a serious problem arises. The engine reduces power out put and rpms in order to saves the engine from receiving any more damage.


Answer by  esteban (1334)

Most new vehicles do not have the traditional cable accelerator to throttle system. Instead, when you step on the accelerator, a signal is sent to a computer that regulates how much gas is sent to the engine. When any part of this system fails, the vehicle goes into "limp home" mode, only allowing the vehicle to go very slowly.


Answer by  SharmilaDipakMohite (6)

When the acceleration computer system of Ford F-150 goes fail then limp home mode occurs in the car. Ford F-150 has throttle system , when user accelerate the car a signal is sent to a computer that regulates how much gas is sent to the engine. the failure of system is nothing but the limp home mode


Answer by  rody169 (9)

It's most likely a GPS device that helps you find your way to a certain place you have marked on itThats what i would have to say about what it does.

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