Question by  Alisha (224)

What is different about the military gas can?


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Military gas cans have three handles. One person carries by the middle handle of the three. Two people can carry one gas can, each of them grasping one of the outside handles. Military "gas cans" or "jerry cans" are color-coded per NATO standards: red is gas, yellow is diesel, blue is kerosene, tan is water.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Military gas can, or jerry cans, were made from pressed steel but today are manufactured in plastic. They have three handles across the top so that the unit can be carried by one person, or shared by two. Per NATO regulations, jerry cans are colored according: Red=gasoline; Yellow=diesel; Blue=kerosene; Tan or light blue=water.


Answer by  byrdsoup (58)

The typical civilian gas can is red in color and cube in shape and has a built in spout. The military gas can is green, tan, or black and does not have a spout to dispense fuel. The spout must put on separately.

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