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Question by  jeevi28586 (34)

What is capoeira music?

Is it always set to video?


Answer by  mayanmartha (84)

Capoeira is actually a dance style. It was created in the Afro-Brazilian community of Brazil, and many of the dance moves are based on Brazilian martial arts. It is usually performed to African drum beats. Since dance is a visual art, this would always be a video or staged performance.


Answer by  cccc (57)

Capoeira music accompanies capoeira, a combination of martial arts and dancing native to Brazil (especially Afro-Brazilian enclaves). It can range from very slow to very fast, but always includes singers and, in the bateria (orchestra), instruments like berimbeus, tambourines, and other percussion. Video has nothing to do with it.


Answer by  kiradeleria (465)

Capoeira music is used to set the stage and tempo for the capoeira art form, a mixture of martial arts and dance, that is to be played within the "roda." It is usually performed live, so it is usually set to video.

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