Question by  Anemic75 (83)

What is an uncommon baby name?

I want my baby to have a name that no one else will.


Answer by  Butthairs (47)

The most unique names I've seen in my time are; Turtle, Cecil, Ahkmed, Brogan, Keaton, Jovi, Nolan, Keenan, and Sloan. Those are all that I can come up with that I know of, but Christopher Paolini has many unique (fake) names. (eg; Eragon, Roran)


Answer by  elb (1105)

Baby names ebb and flow; websites show current common names. Names popular in your or your parents' age group are less common in your baby's age group, even though they seem omnipresent. Consider names from the great-grandparent generation, your religion, historical figures. Choose for meaning as well as uniqueness.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Perhaps you should create a name: I once knew a father and son named "Zene" and the dad's parents had invented the name.

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