Question by  Ernesto (23)

What is an international airport code?

I am filling out a form that is asking for this info.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

International airport codes are unique codes assigned to every airport in the world. The code consists of three letters in a unique combination. For example, the code for Los Angeles Internationa Airport is LAX. You can find the code on your checked luggage tag.


Answer by  JDX (133)

An international airport code is a combination of three letters that denotes the location of a specific airport that accepts inbound and outbound international flights. For example, if you fly to Paris, France you'll be arriving at CDG; leaving from Los Angeles: LAX. Find these codes on an airline website.


Answer by  echt (26)

An international airport code is a code that contains normally three letters used to uniquely identify an international airport. For example, JFK is the airport code of New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, and LGA is the code for La Guardia International Airport. These codes can be easily found on the internet.


Answer by  pambam (892)

The international airport code is a three letter code that identifies the airport for the sake of clear communication. Sometimes it is logical in that London Heathrow is LHR. Sometimes it is less so in that Chicago is ORD. Websites that have the international airport codes can be easily searched on the internet.

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