Question by  kandscreeley (10)

What is an example of dichtomous key?


Answer by  chellyz (53)

1. Animal is a mammal... Go to 2 1. Animal is a reptile... Go to 3 2. Mammal has legs... Go to 4 2. Mammal has no legs... Dolphins 3. Reptile that can jump... Frog 3. Reptile that can't jump... Snake 4. Has 4 legs... Cat 4. Has 2 legs... Humans


Answer by  catysuzgirl2000 (578)

Dichotomus key is a learning activity like playing twenty questions. Dichotomus means 'divided into two parts', so one must answer a question with two choices, for example,' is it found at home or outside? ' to guess an object like the refrigerator. Keep asking until you get the answer.

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