Question by  MelanieD (52)

What is a "touch terminal?"

We're getting them at work and have to go to training to learn to use them. I'm nervous.


Answer by  zomb (64)

A touch terminal is just a computer that lets you touch the screen to interact with it. Instead of using a mouse or trackball to get around the screen, you use your fingers and touch the places you want to "click". Many can also accept more than one touch at a time!


Answer by  KLR (606)

A touch terminal has a screen on which graphic buttons and controls are displayed. Instead of using a keyboard or mouse to enter input, the user touches the screen controls.


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

A touch terminal is a terminal that has a touch sensitive screen. It's not much different than a regular computer, except that you touch the screen to use the interface.


Answer by  jb7000 (96)

Have you ever used an ATM machine or rented a DVD from a kiosk? Those are examples of touch terminals. You touch the screen to make selections. They are generally designed to be very user-friendly. I'm sure once you've had your training at work, you will find it's not so hard to use.

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