Question by  st (72)

What is a reasonable punishment for my child who keeps peeing in their pants?


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You should never punish a child for having an accident when it comes to going to the bathroom. You need to determine what is causing the accidents and encourage him or her to go to the bathroom more often. Set a trimmer and remind him or her every 30 minutes to go if need be, punishment is not the answer


Answer by  Majyk (115)

A child peeing in their pants is not reason for punishment. My sister wet the bed until she was a teenager because she had an undeveloped bladder. Them child could have a physical problem or even a mental challenge and punishment would help neither. You should take them to a doctor, Physician Assistant or ask a grandmother to help.


Answer by  Susan (179)

I would ask how old the child is first. There should be NO punishment. The child is acting out for attention or has a medical problem. Either one needs to be addressed. If he is acting out then he needs to be praised for not peeing in his pants. I might start with a doctors visit first.


Answer by  Anonymous

Instead of a Punishment, reward your child everytime he/she goes to the bathroom with a lolly or something. If that doesnt work you could always try a punishment. The punishment should depend on the childs age, if he/she is older have a worse punishment than a younger childs.


Answer by  Anonymous

Wow so nobody believes in punishment here? The reason my daughter does it age 5 is her Dad takes her geocashing and tells her to go potty in her pants. I've spoke to her numerous times that this is wrong she knows it is!!


Answer by  Anonymous

It's not always an "accident". My 4.5 yo has been "potty trained" since he was 2. He can go weeks without peeing in his pants and then does it purposefully. He admits things like "I wanted to keep playing." Rewards haven't worked. What now?

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