Question by  oohahh (37)

What is a nautilus shell composed of?


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

Bones, believe it or not. Nautilus are the only member of the cephalopod family to have their 'support' structures on the outsides of their bodies. Much like snails, their 'skeleton' is on the outside making the body's shape rather than supporting it as a human beings does. It is the unique spiral shape of the bone structure that provides buoyancy.


Answer by  joe13 (44)

A nautilus shell is white and hard just like bone. Shells are also used to make china as bone is. A nautilus shell is composed on calcium like bone.


Answer by  AlexHendricks (10)

It is composed of two layers, a matte white outer layer and a iridescent inner layer. It is the exoskeleton of the nautilus and as such it is the bone of the animal.


Answer by  RaresIurean (29)

The nautilus shell difference from shell to shell, there are many types of shell, every animal has a diferent type of shell. The nautilus shell is made of limestone and/or silicon


Answer by  mariano (4)

The hull is composed of mainly iron and steel. Throughout its history, the Nautilus has incorporated the remains of marine organic matter, which sometimes gives len appearance of being covered with pearl


Answer by  RaiLyn (1)

A nautilus shell is actually a cephalopod mollusk of the genus Nautilus, also known as Nautilus Pompilius. These are commonly found in regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans and they hava a spiral, pearly-lined shell with a series of air-filled chambers. They are also at the same time called chambered nautilus, pearly nautilus.

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