Question by  deb (50)

What is a natural metabolism booster?


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Apples, pears and grapefruits are natural boosters. They have an enzyme called pectin that increases the body's ability to break down food. If you are not really a big fan of fruit, you can also buy it in pills or capsules at just about any health food store or pharmacy.


Answer by  muffins (15)

Spicy foods are usually considered a metabolism booster and can definitely be found in natural products, try cayenne or other chili peppers! Acidic things like oranges and lemons are usually thought of metabolism boosters as well.


Answer by  schatten (11)

Metabolism boosters are means that help your body burn calories more efficiently. Natural ways of achieving that include exercise, a healthy diet and drinking lots of water.


Answer by  Jess35 (445)

A natural metabolism booster are foods or supplements that will help your body's metabolism increase naturally. Some examples of supplements are iron and magnesium. There are also many foods that are suggested such as foods that are rich in iron, magnesium and protein. Another common natural metabolism booster is green tea.

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