Question by  tjsdaddy360 (17)

What is a healthy normal weight for a chihuahua?


Answer by  angelsdozens (218)

A healthy full grown Chihuahua should weight around 6 pounds. The dog's body is generally longer than it is tall and off squared. Small dogs like the Chihuahua tend to be given more treats and so can easily become overweight. Any dog over 6 pounds would be disqualified as a breed standard, but more importantly their health could compromised.


Answer by  voliveira (15)

The healthy weight for a chihuauhua should be of two to four pounds. It is not accepted by the American breed standards that the dog weights more than six pounds.


Answer by  hwylde69 (6)

Chihuahuas usually weigh anywhere from 3 to 9 pounds but, veterinarians recommend staying in the 4-6 pound range for optimal health. You must keep in mind that, as they go through different life cycles, their diet must also be adjusted in order to keep them at optimal weight & health.


Answer by  PetLover1 (69)

The average weight for a chihuahua is between 2-6 pounds. But it depends on the age (i.e. puppy vs. adult) and also the actual type of chihuahua that you have.


Answer by  violetv (45)

Chihuahua's are one of the smallest breads of dog around. They don't get to big at all. They average from four pounds to about fifteen pounds. There are many different types of chihuahua's so it all depends on what is average for the certain type of dog it is to determine what's healthy or not.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

Chihuahuas should, according to the AKC breed standard, not exceed 6 pounds in weight. Of course many pets are larger than that.

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