Question by  shreya (58)

What happens when you put soda in the freezer?


Answer by  marcia (228)

When soda is frozen, it expands as the liquid forms into ice. This is because liquids take up more space when they are formed into ice crystals. If you have the soda in the freezer in a can or bottle, the can or bottle could swell and explode as the pressure gets too high.

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try to put mints on the bottle of soda and close it when it comes out it will freeze  add a comment

Answer by  a28 (212)

when you put soda in your freezer, it will become solid and will suddenly explodes when it reach it maximum freezing point and will bring up mess in your freezer.


Answer by  Anonymous

it goes boom


Answer by  Euripides (174)

Just like any other water-based liquid, soda will freeze. If it is in a glass bottle, the bottle will usually shatter, since the soda is bottled under pressure and freezing makes it expand even more. When soda is thawed, it's usually much less fizzy than usual, because the freezing and defrosting cycle frees the carbonation and makes it go flat.

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