Question by  worker90 (21)

What does "XD" mean in chat text?


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

XD is an emoticon not really a word. It means "I am really smiling for that. " The parts are made from the letter D, which represents one's really open mouth and the letter X, which represents one's eyes that are really scrunched down because one's mouth is really open wide.

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Answer by  aradsenki101 (48)

XD is means the person texting XD is laughing out loud just like LOL. the X represents the eyes all scrunched up and laughing. The D is a mouth wide open and laughing.


Answer by  dollgirl (636)

In the chat text realm, a "XD" means a really big laugh, where the D is representing a smiley mouth.

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Answer by  Anonymous

XD means a really big smiling mouth or a very big laugh


Answer by  champion466 (0)

when ppl used to say xD to me I used to be like 'huh?' but now I finally know what it meant yay!!

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