Question by  thisguy (27)

What does the term "sucking up" mean?

I hear this a lot but I am confused.


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

"Sucking up" is the English vernacular phrase that means to act as what a toady or a sycophant would. In other words, one who sucks up to another person agrees with that person to a degree that the first person never disagrees with the second person. The person who sucks up usually does so to gain an advantage.


Answer by  EvaDorey (72)

To kiss up, to be overly friendly to bosses or someone in authority,to do anything they ask you do with out question,and not disagree with any thing they say even if that person is wrong.


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

A person is "sucking up" to another when they just do and/or say things to the other person so that the other person is fond of him/her and may treat him/her better. When someone "sucks up" to another person, they generally overpraise and do favors for the other person that would not normally be done.


Answer by  pinki (39)

this term suckingup has variety of meaning and is used diiferently in varied situation. but the term means accquiring some liquid through the tongue from the parent or his sibblings


Answer by  Anonymous

When someone sucks up to someone it means they are trying too hard to win someones approval of them! They are usually overly friendly by offering appraisal and flattering remarks to someone

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