Question by  bassetmama (38)

What does the little red arrow on my Sony Ericsson phone mean?


Answer by  KT70 (14)

The little red arrow on your Sony Ericsson phone simply means that you have missed a call that you have not yet seen.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

A red arrow on a sony erricson phone would mean that you have missed a call or having an unread message from an online service. For reasons, it is a warning sign for you to know that you missed something.


Answer by  prasanthab (11)

The little red arrow indicates that you have missed call.To know the number or name of the person called,go to 'main menu' and click to 'calls' and can check from the opton 'missed'.Thus you can get the details about the missed calls.


Answer by  casnoking (5)

It means you had a call but, you weren't by your phone to answer it. That normally shows when you want to check that missed call later, it acts as a reminder.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

The little read arrow means you have an unopened message from a online service. I had the same phone and didn't know what the red arrow ment until I read my phone manual.if you still have your manual you should read it the manual will tell you what everything means.

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