Question by  KingHaggard (32)

What does my girlfriend mean if she says she wants to take a break?


Answer by  Megan80 (161)

It means she needs some space. Some women will want you to ask why and say sweet things to reassure them. You can try but if she is adament please give her the space she needs. Most women do his because they are trying to decide wether or not they should break up with you.


Answer by  Rachel67 (41)

When your girlfriend says that she wants to take a break, this that you have gotten on her deepest nerve, and she feels that you don't have her best interest at heart. You have not filled her needs, and she is casting you aside. Perhaps if you mend your ways and fill her needs, you will get her back.


Answer by  Seeker (19)

How many times have we seen it? "I think we should take a little break. " Does she really mean a break? Well, my man. Face it. Your lady friend is off to greener pastures. Your best bet would be to smile and say, "Yeah. A break would be nice", and head for the nearest singles bar.


Answer by  fsmandelbaum (59)

She probably means that she still has feelings for you, but she doesn't want a relationship right now. Not to be harsh, but if your girlfriend has told you this, you should probably break up with her and leave her for good. It should be clear to you that the relationship doesn't have a real future.

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