Question by  JohnCroker (68)

What does it mean if there is the loss of fetal heartbeat?

What can be done about that?


Answer by  allisino (15)

Sometimes the baby moves into a position where the heartbeat cannot be as easily detected. However, if it is proven that the heartbeat is gone it could signify fetal demise if too early in the pregnancy for viability. The baby can possibly be resuscitated during labor if it happens then.


Answer by  nishafernadus (2)

If we diagnose the loss of a fetal heartbeat, it means that there is definitely some wrong with the fetal heart. Commonly, it is due to the irregular transportation of blood to the arteries if heart of fetal.It would diagnose by an expert Cardiologist specialized in new born. In United States , the facilities for treatment is available for everywhere.

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