Question by  sumees007 (14)

What does it mean if the doctor says you have lumpy breasts?

Does it mean I have cancer?


Answer by  Jesse68 (126)

If you have lumps in your breast, your doctor will do i biopsy. It does not mean that you have cancer.However, it is important that you go to all appointments.


Answer by  shopaholic7503 (94)

It simply means that the doctor has found some lumps on your breasts which most of the time turn out to be benign or non-cancerous. Sometimes women have lumps during their menstrual cycle but this is normal. If you feel that the lumps are rather hard and may feel suspicious to you, then go to your doctor.


Answer by  holdengal (693)

It doesn't mean cancer. If your doctor thought you had cancer, he/she would biopsy a lump. A lot of women have fibrocystic breasts. They are lumps that form in your breast due to high caffeine intake. Very common.

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