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Question by  Keith85 (23)

What does it mean if my body itches all over?

It really itches all over.


Answer by  DrMom (854)

Generalized itching can be caused by allergy to something in your environment. Hives do not always develop but itchy skin is a good indicator of some kind of irritant. If there is no allergy, perhaps a good moisturizer would ease the itching. As with all mysterious symptoms, your doctor is your best source of information.


Answer by  emtallison (89)

Widespread itching can be caused by several ailments, the most common being allergies such an allergy to laundry detergent, food allergy, dander, or other environment factor.


Answer by  Akiong (34)

Does it happen frequently? If yes, you must be allergy with certain foods. Other causes of whole body itches: childhood infections (chickenpox, measles), Hepatitis, iron deficiency anemia, kidney disease, liver disease, pregnancy, reactions to medications (penicillin, sulfonamides).


Answer by  DtheM1 (1150)

An itchy body can mean a lot of things. The first thing to check should be allergies. It is very common to have an allergy to fabric softener or a material in your clothes. There could also be pests on you. Your best answer will come from a doctor.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

If they are blotchy and red, they are hives. Hives can come from having an allergic reaction to ingested materials or even just rapid change in ambient temperature. You should consult your physician if you have developed an allergy you are unaware of. Anti-itch cream only soothes it temporarily.


Answer by  dazee (85)

Itchy skin can be simply caused by having dry skin. Other causes of itchiness can be from allergies such as a contact dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema.


Answer by  Anonymous

Means you got fleas.

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