Question by  Dontbugme (697)

What does it mean if a battery smells like rotten eggs?


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

This happened to me once, and i found out that there was no fluid in the battery. The battery started to slowly burn inside. I didn't realize that this triggered the check engine light to go on and the car started to overheat. I was near a service station and they corrected the problem.


Answer by  David31 (39)

If it is a car battery, it is cracked and the sulfuric acid is leaking out. Do not touch any liquids emanating from the battery, as they could cause severe chemical burns. If you have to take it out yourself, wear old clothes, thick gloves and eye protection to remove the battery. Dispose of in an enviromentally safe manner.


Answer by  willard (874)

I assume that we're talking about a car battery? When they are overcharged batteries can produce hydrogen sulfide gas. The sulfur is what we associate with the rotten egg smell. You should probably have the battery looked at by a professional, as there is a chance that the battery may explode if the gas is allowed to build up.


Answer by  worker12 (293)

It is leaking gas from a crack in the casing and must be replaced immediately. Breathing this gas is extremely harmful and could cause organ and internal damage to the nervous system during prolong exposure. The battery could also explode if exposed to a spark,if the battery is from car or tractor.

posted by Anonymous
What do you mean by prolonged exposure? My husband was charging his truck battery in the garage and forgot when he went to bed. my son and I slept on the couch near the gargae door, no windows open. We woke up this morning with our house smelling like rotten-eggs  add a comment
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