Question by  Sreekumar (39)

What does an "unsupported media type" error message on my cellphone mean?

I have Motorola V3T.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

If you were trying to upload files, like music onto your phone, it probably means it can't read the file. That will happen with mp4s (i tunes files).


Answer by  Jdog37 (592)

What ever media you are trying to watch on your phone it is not supported. Meaning, the file type that the video or whatever you are trying to watch is being sent to you in your phone does not have the ability to decipher it. So simply, you cannot watch it.


Answer by  imkboiscrie113 (252)

Whatever file you are trying to open cannot be opened on your phone. It is not capable of being viewed or listened to on your phone. It is not compatable with your phone.


Answer by  tina54 (200)

It simply means that what ever you are trying to look at or play is not a file that your phone recognizes.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

This typically caused when you are trying to play a format on a phone that cannot handle it. Make sure the file extension is of a format the phone can play. Otherwise it will need to be converted using a converter program.


Answer by  jlo (31)

It means that a media file (audio or video) cannot be played back on the phone, you need to convert it with a PC or Mac to a supported format.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

That sounds like a generic error message mean whatever type of file you are trying to play is not supported by your phone. Look in your manual to see what file types are supported and then convert the file to one of those.


Answer by  worker9195 (40)

There are various types of mobiles in which various format are supported. For example your phone supports JPEG images or 3gp videos, where as other mobile phone might not support the format which your trying to preview, so that is the reason your getting error message while retrieving the content.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have samsung s5222 touch system mobile. I have uploaded mp4 songs in its memory card. While playing the song, a message appeared "unsupported media". Please suggest how can I play the MP4 songs in my mobile

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