Question by  Mary39 (521)

What does a "Tamagotchi Matchmaker" do?

Does it have anything to do with dating?


Answer by  Jessemcduffee (97)

Yes, when the Tamagotchi is at 72 hours old the matchmaker can start your Tamagotchi's love life. Just be aware if you set it up at 10:30 you're more like to meet the mailman then the matchmaker.


Answer by  Swani (125)

If a Tamagotchi virtual pet grows old without finding a mate, the matchmaker will show up to try and find a mate so you can have tamababies, if your Tamagotchi matchmaker does not find a suitable mate for your virtual pet, your Tamagotchi will grow old and die and you'll have to hatch another one and start over.

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