Question by  jvr (12)

What does a sweetgum tree look like?

Does it grow any flowers or fruits? I love the name!


Answer by  agc (108)

Sweetgum has palmately lobed leaves, vaguely reminiscent of a maple. Kind of like a 5-pointed star. The most distinguishing characteristic are its seed pods, produced in late summer. They are round, about an inch across, and are covered with many pointed protuberances.


Answer by  treemom (334)

Sweetgum trees have blocky bark and star-shaped leaves. The flowers aren't noticeable, but the fruit is a prickly ball borne in the fall. The fruit is a nuisance. Grow this tree for outstanding fall color. Very adaptable to urban conditions. Beware the gum balls!


Answer by  stinkymess (310)

The branches and limbs on a sweetgum tree are knotted. This tree grows tall and widens at the top. It can provide a small shade. This type of wood is not good for burning in the fireplace. It would clog up the chimney. The sweetgum tree is for natures landscaping only. It does not produce any fruits.


Answer by  alekhyadoodi (31)

sweet gum tree is one of the best hard wood grows on acidic soils.the leaves of this tree looks like star shaped and fruits are woody,spiny and like balls.

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