Question by  apple (447)

What does 8 zone on Apolo Ohno's bandanna mean?

Is it an advertisement?


Answer by  bigkevin (111)

The 8 zone on Apolo Ohno's bandanna is an advertisement of supplements. The supplements claim that if a person takes pills for each of the three segments in a twenty four hour day that that person's health will benefit.


Answer by  Anonymous

In case you didn't find the answer already, 8 Zone a supplement brand that Apolo created while training for the Olympics. The 8 Zone website has been updated & should give you more answers.


Answer by  Anonymous

I believe that it's an endorsement company. Go to his official website, they have the 8 zone website linked off of theirs.


Answer by  keithlayne (9)

I have never heard of 8 zone. However, given that it is on Apolo Ohno's bandanna, I would guess that it is a company or product name. Ohno is a well recognized athlete with lots of exposure and is a valuable target for advertising purposes. Given who Ohno is, my best guess is that 8 zone is an energy drink.

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