Question by  Sanjeevan (62)

What does *67 mean?


Answer by  catneb (97)

If you enter *67 in front of the number you're dialing, it will block your phone number from being seen by the person you are calling. The caller id will identify you as an unknown caller.


Answer by  Mownstah (107)

*67 is a code used before dialing a phone number you intend to connect to, which blocks your number from being displayed on caller-id's, and labels you as "Unknown Caller. "


Answer by  shilpa77 (18)

If you dial *67 before calling someone it disables callerID so they don't get your number on their readout. When someone presses it when you call them,they can track your number.


Answer by  bonnie56 (359)

When you type *67 into your phone before place a call, your name and phone number will not show up on the phone of the person that you are calling. Instead, their phone will say "Private". This is a good way to call someone when you know that they will not answer the phone if they know it is you.

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whats the difference between unknown and blocked I have a crazy person trying to contact me. They are blocked Do you think this could be them  add a comment

Answer by  67565fsdf (67)

*67 is used to conceal your own number when making an outgoing call. This will make caller ids and cell phones list your number as unavailable when calling.

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