Question by  speedyanjenny (14)

What do squirrel droppings look like?


Answer by  Kindafunny (69)

Squirrel create small pellet shaped droppings which are typically more rounded. They are brownish in color and are about 5mm long. They are often confused with rat droppings.


Answer by  Wormoid (25)

They are about 5mm long, narrow oval in shape and dark brown just like rat droppings. There are typically not large amounts of them in any given spot.


Answer by  Stush (28)

They look like perfectly round raisins. If they are fresh, they will appear to have a glossy finish. Otherwise they will have a matte finish.


Answer by  a20 (18)

Squirrel droppings are small usually around 5-8mm long. This is arounf the same size as a raisin. They are a light brown colour similar to soil.

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