Question by  juan (16)

What do Jesuits believe?


Answer by  falka (80)

The Jesuits are a division of the Catholic Church. They report and act based directly on the orders of the Pope. Jesuits believe what Catholics believe, echoed in the Nicene Creed. Most prominently, Jesus, son of God, essence of God, ascended in flesh.


Answer by  adolf (75)

Jesuits are an order of the Roman Catholic Church, founded by Ignatius of Loyala. specific for the jesuits is not a belief but the emphasis of certain elements of the catholic church such as loyality to the pope, oboedience (so called cadaver oboedience)and academic distinction.


Answer by  TZ16 (367)

Jesuits are an all-male Roman Catholic order of priests, brothers and students. Jesuits are Christians who believe in Jesus Christ. Jesuits have ministeries. These ministries include social work, education and justice. Jesuits are most known for their work in promoting education.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

The Society of Jesus, also known as Jesuits, are a Catholic brotherhood. They are known for their detachment from material things, as well as the view of seeing the hand of God in everything.

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