Question by  Randy73 (58)

What do I need to know for the CPR test?


Answer by  mjj948 (7)

For the CPR test you must know the different types of CPR associated with adults, children, and infants. You need to know the different compression to breath ratios, the positioning of the hands for compressions, and the depth at which compressions should be. You will also need to know how to take basic safety precautions for practicing CPR.


Answer by  writergalfriday (325)

The test, which is given by the Red Cross, requires knowledge of adult, child and infant CPR procedures, how to use a defibrillator, Heimlich Maneuver and basic first aid.


Answer by  unseen (150)

To pass a cpr Test you need to Know the proper technique for administering CPR, such as How many chest compressions, how often you breath for the individual. If you take a local CPR class they will help you with all the necessary teachings.


Answer by  skm (432)

The "CPR test" you are likely referring to is for Basic Life Support certification. Review what to do if you see a person down: ensure they're nonresponsive, call for help, then check airway/breathing/circulation. Then start CPR: give two breaths, then cycles of 30 compressions followed by two breaths.

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