Question by  HariAnil (19)

What do I do about a guy who does not want me to date others?

I like him a lot but am not ready for an exclusive relationship.


Answer by  olive8 (911)

You need to simply tell him you are not ready for the relationship to be exclusive. If he does not accept that then watch out for other control issues because they will probably arise.


Answer by  Lisa6938 (485)

You should communicate your intentions to him. Openess is the cornerstone of any good relationship. You and he may not be looking for the same level of committment.


Answer by  pseudopsychologist (257)

If you like him a lot, consider whether he is worth sacrificing the other men you want to date. If he is, consent to what he asks. If he isn't, I suggest talking with him and trying to come up with a compromise. If this doesn't work, don't date him.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

If you are not ready for an exclusive relationship, you need to tell him you cannot do that. If he agrees to wait, then give him a chance, otherwise, you should move on. Don't let yourself become trapped.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

All you can do is be honest with him. Just tell him the truth and let it go from there.

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