Question by  Viv (136)

What crafts can you do with foam egg cartons?

I am always looking to inexpensive things to do with my kids. We always have egg cartons in the house.


Answer by  muppettgoddess (28)

you can make a great airplane using the top of the carton, (Not the bumpy part), and a penny. You can find the easy to follow directions at the website for the Academy of Model Aeronotics. Simply follow their pattern and this plane will fly great! Hours of fun


Answer by  obviouslyincognito (17)

Creating baby chicks from cotton balls, and letting them live in an egg carton "nest" is an idea. Grass and other accessories can easily be created from other household items.


Answer by  bee75 (110)

You can cut them up and make animals out of them, for example a spider, or caterpillar, they can also be made into flowers.


Answer by  Becca61 (78)

My family and I use the foam egg cartons this time of year to make Christmas ornaments. Just draw out whatever shapes you desire, cut it out and the kids love to paint them! Once they dry just put some fishing line through them and hang on the tree.

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