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Question by  icemaiden (28)

What could cause seizures in hamsters?

My hamster has several seizures a week, I am not sure why he has them or what they do to him.


Answer by  leann (94)

Small pets often develop tumors. I would be concerned that one in his brain could be causing seizures. Seizures can be a symptom of something serious. Follow up with a veterinarian.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

It could be mites or lice, which are easily treatable, or it might be some kind of neurological problem. Take your hamster to a qualified exotics vet (who specialises in rodents) for a thorough exam. If it is mites (the most likely cause), the vet will prescribe something like ivermectin.


Answer by  yodawg (86)

Flashing lights can cause seizures in hamsters. Hamster naturally hate seizures but sometimes it happens. What you need to do is pick the little dude up and give him a good shaking.

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