Question by  clyn (51)

What could cause red splotches on the back of my hands?


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

If the red spots are a new thing it could be a reaction to an irritant. A new detergent, a new cream or something you've been exposed to would cause a red splotch. If they get worse or don't go away soon see your health professional as it might be an infection of some sort.


Answer by  Hepets84 (139)

Two things come to mind: allergies. Are you working outdoors more than usual recently? You can get some tests done at the doctor. Two: Fifth Disease. This is an infection that can make it look like your hands have been slapped repeatedly. It should go away within 21 days. , if you have it.


Answer by  Lorbeer (304)

It's mostly an allergic response : on fruits with much agricultural pesticides. Or touching some plants / flowers in the garden. or a reaction on proteins. result of low fast diet


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

Paint can cause red splotches on your skin. You may have gotten paint or ink on your skin and did not notice for a very long time and by the time it washed off then you noticed it, hence the splotches. If you are very aware of yourself then your skin may be inflamed.


Answer by  Marsha94 (618)

You may be using a new kind of hand soap or a body lotion that you are allergic to. If you have been using something, stop and see if they go away. If not, it could be a food or other allergy that is affecting your hands. Also, make sure it's not poison ivy.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

Most probably, you are allergic to something or the climate change makes them.Otherwise the ultraviolets rays from the sun can also do that.

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