Question by  Jonny (45)

What could cause me to have no fluid in my radiator?


Answer by  fordguy777 (346)

Usually this is due to a crack in the radiator from an accident or hitting a large speed bump causing a crack in the coolant delivery. Also, the fluid reservoir could be damaged and cause a leak.


Answer by  sentencewriter (20)

Having no fluid in the radiator can be caused by a leak in the radiator or in a coolant hose. A bad water pump will also expel coolant.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the most obvious thing that I can think of is that there is a leak in the system. For there to be none in it I would say quite a big leak. Otherwise you may have a cracked head or block that is letting coolant burn off in the combustion chamber.


Answer by  scrtwrldfalxmac (107)

You may have a leak in your radiator or hoses. You could have a cracked engine block or you do not have a reserve tank and are loosing fluid there.

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