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Question by  turkanswerer (27)

What could be the cause of a scooter that will not start?

My scooter will not start.


Answer by  netty228 (73)

If there is a turning over sound, like the starter is working, then it could be the battery. If there is no clicking noise, it could be the starter.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

This could be caused by a lot of thing. A engine needs two basic thing to run, spark and fuel. If either is lacking then the scooter may not start. Check the plugs for a good solid spark and ensure the engine is getting gas.


Answer by  edwin33 (88)

At first check there is fuel. After check the spark plug, please scrub the edge of contact of the spark plug using a blade. Check whether it is in neutral condition. Give a gentle push forward. Check the engine condition

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