Question by  3orabi (104)

What could be causing my baby to have a very hard stomach?


Answer by  heather22 (29)

With my children a hard tummy normally meens they have a lot of gas. I would ask yourself what is your baby eating that could be causing them to be so gassy. I would look at my own diet too if your breastfeeding.


Answer by  Kcovey83 (25)

Colic is one cause. Babies with colic generally can show signs of gas discomfort and abdominal bloating leading to a hard distended stomach. Constipation is another reason for that symptom. If a baby has an allergy to milk or something he/she ingested that could cause belly bloating and make it feel very hard.


Answer by  jsh626 (13)

Most likely your baby has gas. When gas gets trapped in the intestines, it can cause the bowels and stomach to distend, making it feel hard to the touch. You should contact your child's doctor to rule out anything more serious.


Answer by  Danellia (134)

More then likly its gas causing the stomach to be hard. There are several other things that cause the stomach to extend so its best to call your ped doctor. Take note if it the upper stomach or the lower abdomen and if your baby is fussy. Contipation,and being full and a few disease could cause this.

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