Question by  Jaice (15)

What could be causing me to sweat when I am not active or warm?


Answer by  benjiross (993)

You could sweat if you are nervous, scared or panic for any reason. There are several medical reasons for sweating too and these need to be seen by a doctor. A heart attack could be associated with sweating. If your blood sugar is low (hypoglycemia) you could start sweating. You could also sweat if you have a thyroid problem.


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

If you are sweating when you are not active or hot, you should see a doctor. You may have the flu or another type of medical condition causing you to sweat. If you are not experiencing any other symptoms you might not have anything to worry about, but you should get looked at to be sure.


Answer by  Peg (459)

Nerves can cause sweating on its own. If a person gets excited or nervous about something they have to do, sweating happens.


Answer by  chen2 (508)

Your sweat glands could be over productive, or the weather might be really warm and your body is just trying to cool itself down.


Answer by  Shishimai (35)

Over active sweat glands.

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