Question by  bibiuser (85)

What color's coordinate well with the color champagne for a wedding?


Answer by  Heidi379 (8)

I believe that the color red distinctly compliments the color of champagne for a wedding. Red also shows passion and love. It is a crisp opposite to the warm inviting honey color of champagne. I have recently attended a wedding with red as one of the main colors. The red wend very well with everything.


Answer by  GKash (22)

I would have to say that brown and rich colors are good. Also a variety of dusty pinks. For a good spectrum of color add white and eggshell - it will give depth but it wont be too flashy with the addition of bold colours


Answer by  laila (43)

White and silver coordinates well with champagne for a wedding. These three colors when used together have a very elegant look.


Answer by  multikittymom (75)

Rich wine and burgundy colors go well with champagne colors. Silken shades of gold and copper go beautifully. Brighter mixes include satin shades of grass green, rose pink, and lavender.

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