Question by  timmy (9)

What colors combine to make mauve?

I can't get it right.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

Mauve is a tricker color to make. It's a pink, which is made by adding red and white, but it's a dark pink which means you also need some black to make a darker shade. Adding grey to a color desaturates it and makes it less bright, so you have to be careful to add enough red too.


Answer by  diabro (35)

In order to achieve mauve in a subtractive color environment, mix a warm blue (such as phthalo blue) with a cool red (such as quinacridone magenta) to form a dull purple. Then add white to lighten to the shade of mauve desired. If the mixture isn't muted enough, adding a very slight amount yellow will have a graying affect.

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