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Question by  cary (111)

What color walls go with light maple floors?


Answer by  bigdog22 (308)

Light colors go well. We have used light greens, whites, peaches, a medium yellow, and such to great affect. I think the rule is lighter woods go with lighter colors. I would suggest taking a piece of wood to the paint store and see what they suggest.


Answer by  coco95 (234)

All earth tones blend really well with natural materials like wood. I would avoid painting a really bright color, you don't want to take attention away from the floors.


Answer by  answerqueen (564)

Light earth tones (light green, tan, etc. ) go well with maple floors. I would keep away from colors too bright or too dark.


Answer by  deepa (82)

some of the dark color may be go with this. based on the room size and purpose of the room we can choose the color

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