Question by  wiedons (2)

What color accent chair goes with a charcoal gray couch and chair?


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

You can do so many accent colors with charcoal gray. A warm, buttery yellow would look great. Or you could try a bright color to add some pop. Bright orange or lime green would look really pretty. If you want less contrast try a deep eggplant purple. Any of these colors will look great.


Answer by  TrinityMR (30)

Depending on what type of decor or feel your room has will determine what color would look the best with a charcoal gray couch and chair. My personal style would be to lean towards a pale/butter yellow vintage style accent chair with well placed yellow, white and lighter gray accents through the room.

Reply by wiedons (2):
I'm trying to update my style with a transitional couch and chair, but I like the idea of mixing in a vintage chair. Yellow might not work with the sandstone and gray fireplace. I might try some accents before I get the chair. Thanks for the advice.  add a comment

Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

There are many colors that you can use as an accent to charcoal gray. It really depends on your tastes and style. For me, i've always liked all shades of the color blue. A turquoise or aqua colored accent chair will go really well with charcoal gray. Red is another color that would really make the furniture "pop"!


Answer by  alicia47 (227)

Gray is a neutral color and a lot of colors would go with it. If you wanted to do black or white that would work. You could also do teal blue , red or a bright green.

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