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Question by  Bones (105)

What causes loud purring?


Answer by  djinn (49)

There is a range of volumes that cats can purr at, and some cats naturally have a louder purr than others. If the cat has always purred loudly it is probably fine. Cats generally purr to show contentment, although they may also purr if they are in pain.


Answer by  katdog (294)

Happy cats love to purr. Petting your cat, or snuggling with your cat could cause it to purr. I have also heard that if a cat is in a lot of pain, it will purr.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

This is usually not a condition type of thing, just the way a cat is made. Some purr louder than others, and it is a sign of happiness or even nervousness. It is not as if they are missing a muffler. So, basically, being happy causes purring that is loud.


Answer by  JessM (256)

Cats and kittens purr when very content and comfortable. Although it is not know for certain how exactly a cat does purr, it is thought by scientists that it is an involuntary vibration or movement of the laryngeal muscles. All common domestic cats can purr, but some larger wild breeds cannot purr.

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