Question by  miso (22)

What causes bright yellow urine in a dog?


Answer by  Carol7 (38)

It could be that the dog is dehydrated. Urine shouldn't be neon yellow. However, it shouldn't be clear either, since that indicates an intake of too much water.


Answer by  worker76 (773)

It could be that the dog isn't getting enough water. Dehydration causes this. Could also be a bladder infection but much more likely the first of the 2.


Answer by  slaphead2000 (48)

Same as a human, dehydration. Basically your dog is not getting enough water into his system, make sure he always has a bowl of water.


Answer by  sundarcyr (12)

Dogs are just like people. The more they drink the lighter their pee, the less they drink the darker their pee. I would suggest purchasing a "Never Ending Water Bowl"


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

One most common cause of yellow urine in any animal is a lack of water. Make sure your dog has fresh water daily, and consider visiting your vet.

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