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Question by  cucuwito (34)

What can you tell me about keeping a Robin as a pet?


Answer by  Brooke92 (61)

I can tell you that, in the United States, it is illegal. Capturing any wild bird and keeping it as a pet is illegal. If you find an injured robin or a baby robin you think is abandoned or orphaned, call a wildlife care/rehabilitation agency.


Answer by  Mike7132 (393)

It is probably illegal. If it has been injured to where it can not be released one of the most important things is diet. Robins eat a variety of insects and fruits in the wild. Dried fruits that do not contain preservatives would be preferable. Grubs and worms can be bought at pet stores as well as bait shops.


Answer by  patricia42256 (22)

Keeping a Robin as a pet is illegal. Robins are wild animals and need to remain in the wild. If you find a Robin that you thinks needs help to survive then call the wildlife rehabilitation. Baby birds can be put back in the nest if they have fallen and you know where the nest is.


Answer by  michelle13 (32)

The important thing is that you do not try and keep a Robin from the wild. It is illegal to take a bird from the wild and keep it in your home.


Answer by  simonsro (65)

You should check with your state Dept. of Natural Rescources first, to see if it's legal to keep a wild bird as a pet. If it is, then I would suggest a large cage with plenty of fresh water and fruits like strawberries, along with worms for protein.


Answer by  montree (354)

You should not keep a Robin as a pet considering that it is a wild bird. You should release it back into the wild before they lose their natural instinct.


Answer by  Anonymous

im pretty sure its illegal but honestly they are extremley common and often considered pests so unless u have frequent visits from tight wad federals i say keep it. i mean doves arnt illegal and theyre common and migratory too.


Answer by  Anonymous

Most of you are wrong. It depends on your STATE. In my state TOTALLY LEGAL as long as it is not a "species of concern", which a Robin is most certainly NOT. So, do your homework, then move to a state that allows you to be sensible and free :)


Answer by  Anonymous

dosnt matter if you say its too comon or a pest it is ILLEGAL.I catch a baby bird thats fallen from a nest and keep it for an hour or less looking either for the nest or safe place to put it.making sure the parents know.

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