Question by  johnd (23)

What can you tell me about eating uncooked rice?


Answer by  patti (29325)

Uncooked rice wouldn't be very appetizing. But if you were to ingest it, it would rehydrate in the stomach and continue through the digestive process. It could cause indigestion or a stomach ache, but there would be no long-term, harmful effects. It would not cause dehydration and it would not cause you to explode, which is a common myth.


Answer by  miamouse (63)

Now why would you want to do that? It's bad for your teeth and will swell up in your stomach! If you simply want to eat rice that hasn't been subjected to heat, SOAK the rice in the same amount of water you'd cook it in. This is ok and the rice actually retains more nutritive value.


Answer by  Cathie (670)

It's probably not the best idea to eat uncooked rice. It can't taste very good and there really isn't any reason to eat it uncooked. Birds don't ingest it well.


Answer by  lou (792)

Eating uncooked rice is not a good idea, because it can absorb liquid in the digestive tract. This can cause bloating. In birds, it causes death.


Answer by  podishetty (15)

If you eat uncooked rice, your health will be spoiled because of the uncooked rice should not digest easily and the stomach pain will occur. It is harmful to your health.


Answer by  lovestocook (71)

It's dangerous. It expands when it comes in contact with moisture. Once it gets to your stomach it will expand and send you to the emergency room. It cannot be thrown at weddings any more because it was killing off the wildlife, especially birds. This is how you eradicate rodents.


Answer by  Donny99 (180)

No harm will come, but you can get an ache from doing this. Rice that is uncooked has very little value in the way of nutrition and this would be silly thing to do. I believe that very few people eat uncooked rice on a regular basis and would be foolish to do so.

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