Question by  Grallf (97)

What can I do if citristrip did not remove the stain from my dining room table?

My dining room table was stained from an oil spill, I tried critistrip but you can still see where the spill was.


Answer by  Joe10 (15)

More than likely it is stained for good but there are various stain removing products that you can try. Check the product and it's base which will give you more insight on what type of cleaning product you will need to fix this oil stain.


Answer by  lizzy31 (43)

Often a simple paste made of baking soda and water will, when applied to wood, remove a multitude of stains - including but not limited to water stains.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

A secret that is said to work is ironing out the spot. Take an old cotton t-shirt and place over stain. Set your iron om medium heat and iron over t-shirt. As the shirt heats up lift it up and see if the stain is removed. If not keep trying until you see results.


Answer by  ramnath (58)

it just easy and simple just remove stain by citristrip not by cloth but by using paper and try anything else if you are unsatisfied

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