Question by  ThomasGray (31)

What can I do for my cat who ant bites?


Answer by  Lisnani (5)

First,you must check to see if the bites have any swelling.If your cat has been bit severely take him/her to the vet.If Not Rub Some calamine lotion on the vet.


Answer by  stellargamebirds (121)

First of all, monitor the cat for any swelling from the bites. If your cat got bitten severely, seek veterinarian care. If a few bites, take a cotton ball and dab some ammonia on the bites and then apply calamine lotion.


Answer by  catlover66 (112)

Afew ant bites wont need any treatment, you cat will take care of it herself. But if she has alot or seems uncomfortable a bath will help some.


Answer by  WeepingAngel (74)

Mostly you can just keep an eye on your cat.Like people,cats can deal with small injuries by themselves without special help.However,also like people,there can be complications should those injuries get infected or reopened.Try to keep your cat clean,especially the bite areas-thogh that dosen't mean extra baths,necessarily-and take him/her to the vet if there's swelling or redness.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

As this will probably be fire ants, you need to see a vet- fire ant bites can be fatal for a small animal. As a preventative, make sure their food is protected, it attracts the ants. Check with your vet for a preventative like Frontline that will ants away.


Answer by  PeachysMommy (49)

If your cat has just a couple of ant bites, you do not need to do anything. Cats' saliva is antiseptic, and they will desinfect the bites themselves.

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Cat saliva is not an antiseptic.  add a comment

Answer by  DBROSS (28)

The cat should be alright with a few ant bites, but if I were you I would look into spraying the area around your home to ward off any other ants or insects that may bother you or your cat. You could also try a flea collar, this may help keeps ants away.


Answer by  Anonymous

If showing affects from the bites, snap a Benadryl in half immediately, then go to a vet, especially if a kitten of small cat is overwhelmed with bites. It CAN kill them. Then do the topical stuff mentioned above. Out of words to give any more advice. :o)

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