Question by  deana (28)

What can I do about nerve pain in my big toe?


Answer by  NYCCDC (311)

There are a few possible reasons for this. You may have dysfunction in the lumbar spine which is causing this pain. Or a soft tissue entrapment of a nerve in the leg. It is best to be evaluated by your health care provider or a chiropractor to determine the source of the pain and what best treatments are for you.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Unless there was some sort of injury to the affected area there is little you can do to help nerve pain. A specialist may be able to isolate the source of the problem and cure it but it depends on the type of problem. Your best bet is to try over the counter pain killers and ice or immobilization.


Answer by  archangelsgirl (93)

The first thing to try is a visit to the chiropractor. It's amazing how your extremeties - fingers, toes, wrists, hands - nothing to do with your back at all - can all be brought into line by a few visits to the chiropractor.


Answer by  pradhaprajgmailcom (1518)

If your toe bone has an extra growth or if you have bruise in the big toe you will have the pain.If there is swelling in the toe naturally you will have the ach.Check your sugar level because it may also cause a sharp pain in big toe.


Answer by  Cheryll (152)

In my own experience in managing patients who has problem in pain. I think the independent managmenet first is apply a cold compress to the affected toe to releive pain temperoraily because cold compress constricts the blood vessels that may interefere the blood flow temporarily. And for the dependent managmenet is by taking Tramadol hydrocloride through intravenous for fast acting.


Answer by  mrsmyers (474)

The first you would want to do is talk to your doctor about it and see what your options are and what it could be. You never want to mess around with nerve pain and the truth is it may not be a nerve issue at all. You won't know until you go get it checked.


Answer by  PrncsPrple (237)

Dr. Scholls makes moleskin and molefoam. Cut a small piece of foam and place on bottom of toe. Then, use the moleskin around the rest of the toe.

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