Question by  Xander (38)

What can I do about my problem with my oak tree dripping sap?


Answer by  Anonymous

On an aged oak, there will be sap during the Spring. It tends to be small pin head sized drops. It is not due to insect infestation, unless you see it in amounts on the branches or trunk. It washes off easily and will not damage most auto finishes.


Answer by  lpfirman (403)

Sadly, not much. Large trees like oaks and mamles will do this every few years. The only thing that can really be done about it is to prune the branches that are dripping sap where you do not want it. That, or just cover up whatever is below and bear with it for the rest of its season.

posted by Anonymous
The green acorns can break off in low water years, causing the remaining cap to leak sap from where the acorn (seed) was connected. Usually only on the tips of branches. And only until the acorns begin to harden, then it stops. Maybe soak the ground under the tree?  add a comment

Answer by  terry82 (191)

Sap comes from a hole or break somewhere on the trunk. Generally it is a sign of an incest problem. Look at the leaves and trunk. If you see bite marks or groupings of insects, the tree needs to be sprayed either by yourself or an arborist. When the insects are controlled, the dripping should stop.

posted by Anonymous
You mean an INSECT problem...if your oak was committing incest, you'd end up rich. lol!  add a comment

Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

The problem might be aphids. It may be their secretions that you are noticing. You may call your local tree company to see if they can treat your tree.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

You may want to check your tree for aphids, which can cause this problem to be accentuated. However, Oaks do "drip". Don't park your car under it, it WILL eat through the paint. If this problem has increased, check with your local garden center to see if you have an aphid or pest problem. Trim deadwood.


Answer by  Janesauricic (107)

Check with a tree company; this could be aphids which can be controlled with a pesticide. Don't park under the tree, the sap can damage a car's finish. If it's caterpillars, you can spray with BTI; easily done with a hose sprayer and safe for pets and people.


Answer by  spyman0071 (86)

Once it starts dripping sap then it will just get worse and eventually the tree will die slowly and have to get cut down.

posted by Anonymous
most of the issue is "honeydew" dripping from leaves. This is caused by "scale" or "aphids". Smartest thing to do is not park there, or cover your car. Not much can be done, as this usually an annual occurrence. All trees offer a tradeoff. Cleaner air or dirty car. Decide.  add a comment
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