Question by  worker1149 (32)

What can be done for dog tumors?

My doctors say I should put him down.


Answer by  Cali (518)

Tumors can be treated with expensive chemotherapy treatments for animals. These are often painful for the dogs, and prolonging an inevitbaly ending life. It might be hard to put down your family pet and best friend, but in the best interests of the dog, putting him down is not only cost efficient, but the most humane.


Answer by  rollsrose (29)

The most common treatments for cancer are surgical removal, radiation and tumor-killing drugs. Type of method depends on the type of tumor, whether it has or is likely to metastasize, and how far it has progressed. But it also depends on the age of the dog, the type of cancer, severity of the cancer, and progression of the cancer.


Answer by  lillybby (359)

Well it depends where the tumor is at. If it is hanging off of the body they should be able to remove it pretty easily. If it is internal it's harder situation to deal with for the surgeon. The internal tumor may be growing on something that may be impossible to remove without causing major permanant dammage

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